Deciding to rent your beach house is an important decision, one that should be made carefully.

Here are some frequently asked questions to consider:

Do I really want to rent my beach house?

Will I be comfortable allowing strangers to occupy my home?

Will I be OK with the normal wear and tear my home will endure?

  • Items may need to be replaced or upgraded as needed

Can I view my vacation home as a business?

  • Maintenance issues and improvements if needed

Will I be financially at ease with income from the property?

  • Rental income can be a good return on investment, or at the very least, help with expenses such as taxes and insurance.
  • Check with your tax specialist for questions about potential revenue or write-offs

How much can I occupy my house per year?

  • The less you use your house, the more we can rent it, the higher the revenue potential, especially during the peak season.

When can I use my property?

  • As owners, you have first choice of times to occupy your house. We will block dates for you. The rest of the time will be available for renters.
  • It will also be important to abide by our check-in and check-out times when your house is rented before or after you.

What about cleaning the house after I use it?

  • We prefer you use our housekeepers after the owners use since the home needs to be clean and inviting for all paying guests after you leave.
  • We will order our housekeeper to clean it and bill you on your monthly statement.

Can I set rules for my beach home?

  • Absolutely! It’s your home.

How do I know my house will not be rented to minors?

  • Renters must be at least 25 years old. Our office will screen all booking requests for vacation rentals. This includes any bookings through other websites.

Do you collect a damage fee?

  • We currently have a non-refundable damage insurance policy that covers up to $1500.00 in accidental damages.

Are there insurance requirements?

  • Yes, every homeowner must provide proof of insurance when joining the rental program with a general liability policy in the amount of $300,000.00

How are keys managed and stored?

  • We have keys in the office for renters, maintenance & housekeepers without the owner’s closet keys.
  • We have one set made for the owners or any emergencies with the owner’s closet keys.
  • We have one set in the lockbox at the house without the owners closet for renters to use. Lockboxes codes will be changed once or twice a month by our maintenance mgr.

Am I charged for renters cleaning and linens?

  • No, house cleaning and linens are charged to every renter at no cost to you.

How do I know my home is taken care of when renters leave?

  • Houses are cleaned and inspected within 24-48 hours after a renter’s departure.
  • A “deep clean” including windows and carpets are required once or twice a year depending on rental flow. This is paid by the homeowner.

What if my home needs repairs?

  • We can do as little or as much of the maintenance as you desire.
  • We have reliable service people to call for emergencies.
  • Maintenance charges will be deducted from your rental proceeds on the monthly statement.

What about regularly scheduled maintenance?

  • Yard work and pest control must be scheduled regularly by you or by our office and billed to you.

What about the little stuff? Like burned out light bulbs?

  • Our inspectors will check and replace light bulbs, ac filters and batteries as needed

What happens when you sign our homeowner rental agreement with Bolivar Escapes?

  • Bolivar Escapes tasks include:
    • photographing your beach house inside and out
    • taking inventory of items to use in your house
      preparing and submitting house data for our websites
    • reviewing your home for safety and compliance: smoke alarms, adequate lighting, stairs and deck safety, etc.
    • schedule reservations, ensuring all fees and rates are paid
    • order and install house signs
    • make additional keys
  • Homeowners tasks include:
    • making sure necessary repairs are done by you or Bolivar Escapes
      storing personal items in your locked owner’s storeroom/closet
    • reviewing all furnishings and appliances, replacing if necessary
    • checking all kitchen supplies, adding new ones if necessary
    • reviewing your home for safety such as smoke alarms, lighting, stairs, decks and handrail safety, making repairs if necessary
    • reserving dates for your own use
    • reviewing your insurance coverage and submitting proof of insurance along with the signed agreement with Bolivar Escapes

Can you have cameras or doorbell cameras on the house?

  • By law, you can have cameras outside of the house only.

What makes your rental property successful? It is crucial to maintain your property.

  • Landscaping
  • Driveway
  • Exterior appearance
  • Interior furnishings and amenities
    • Today’s renter is willing to pay higher rates if the total property appearance is commensurate with the rental rate.
    • Quality furnishings are a must, nice bedspreads, matching dinnerware & glasses
  • Renters expect a nice, comfortable and safe experience when renting your home

What do we expect in each house to be successful?

  • WI-Fl
  • TV’s in each bedroom
  • Cable/satellite
  • Nice beds and bedspreads
  • Nice deck furniture

How are rental rates determined?

  • We research and compare similar properties, locations, occupancies and amenities to advise you on the best rental rate and revenue for your home. You make the final decision.
  • There are two published rates: a nightly rate and weekend nightly rate
  • There is always a two-night minimum

What are the seasonal rates?

  • There are two seasonal rates: summer and winter
  • All major holidays have an additional 15% increase: July 4′”, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

How do I communicate with the office regarding my home?

  • Bolivar Escapes will send monthly status reports to the owners by our general manager
  • You can also keep in touch by calling or emailing our office anytime.
  • We have a 24-hour answering service for after hour calls and emails will be answered during work hours.

How will I keep my beach house competitive with the marketplace?

  • Keep in touch with us. We will know why your property is successful or not and can make recommendations accordingly.
  • Pay attention to customers comments and reviews regarding your home.

How are reservations made by the renters?

  • Our staff is in the office 7 days a week (except major holidays) answering phone calls, booking reservations and processing reservations online.

Thank you for considering Bolivar Escapes to provide you with the best rental property management on the beach! Please call us at (409)684-3377 or email us at to schedule a consultation.