Barrel Locations

*Golf Carts Are NOT allowed on the Hwy, but you are allowed to cross the Hwy*


1 Rettilon Rd Port Bolivar Loop
29 Boyt Rd The Palms Water Tower/Basin Bait Camp
37 Helen Blvd Crenshaw Beach Crenshaw School
47 Rancho Carribe Rancho Carribe Crystal Beach golf
53 Jacks Rd Blue water/ Borrow & Return Toys Hardheads/Joses
Beach Toy Library
55 S. East Rd Blue water Seaside Lumber Co
58 W Lazy Lane Surf/Cloon Ship’s Wheel Bar/Panini Press
59 Townsend Dr. Emerald I Beach Toy Library
61 Womack Dr. Emerald I Tj’s Gas Station
62 West Lane Tiki Bar & Grill/Latitude
64 Mr. G St. Surf/Cloon #4 TiKi Bar & Grill
70 Monkhouse Sandy Beach Nauti Beaver Hut/G’s Molcajete
72 Crystal Beach The Zoo/Sandy Beach Fire Dept/Showers/Swedes
72 Crystal Beach Borrow & Return Toys Toy Library/Fun Town Waterslide
73 Kahla Rd Patton Beach/Gulf Shores Eagle’s/Water Tower/Toy Library
76 Gulf Shores Patton Beach Borrow & Return Toys Toy Library/Gulf Range/Ritta’s & Cream/Mamma Mia’s
77 Westview Emerald II RE/MAX/Bolivar Escapes Fun Spot Water Slide
79 Alberdie Dannay’s Donut / Busta- Lime
80 Gregory Ln Rays Fireworks
Between 81 & 82 Golf Cart Path Sandpiper Family Dollar/Tia Juanita’s
86 Borrow & Return Toys Beach Toy Library
87 Olive/Clara Pearl Beach The Big Store/Catholic Church
90 Center St. Holiday Beach Crystal Beach Candy Co.
98 Ramada Blvd Ramada Beach Crystal Beach Car Wash
99 Nassau Ramada Beach Yellow Rose/ Salty Mermaid
100 Stingaree Dr. Maryland Borrow & Return Toys Stingaree Restaurant/Valero Beach Toy Library
G20 Kirks Rd Gilchrist JayLa’s Bar & Grill