There are 2 ways to get to the Peninsula/Crystal Beach area:

1. Off of Interstate I-10 east (from Beaumont) or west (from Houston), take Highway 124 until you get to the beach road/Highway 87, turn right. Go about 7 miles to the bridge at Rollover Pass in the community of Gilchrist. After the bridge, it is 6 miles to Crystal Beach. (This is the recommended route during the summer and/or busy season).

2. Take I-45 south to Galveston. Continue straight down Broadway until you reach the beach/seawall. Turn left and go to “Ferry Road” (2 stop lights). Turn left on Ferry Road and go to the ferry landing. The ferry is free of charge and once you get on board, it will take 13 minutes to travel across Galveston Bay to the Peninsula. When you get off the ferry, you are on Highway 87 at the community of Port Bolivar, home of the Bolivar Lighthouse, the North Jetty and Fort Travis State Park.