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Fishing at Crystal Beach

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Go Fishing and Crabbing at the North Jetty

The North Jetty is about 1-1/2 miles east of the Ferry Landing. This granite rock jetty extends several miles into the Gulf of Mexico the first 200 yards is a paved walkway. To get beyond that point, you must climb over the granite rocks. There is a small boat cut about one mile from shore. You can usually catch a good mess of crabs and most of the year the fishing is good. Bait and refreshments are available. Lots of FUN!! Children can play on the nearby beaches.


  • Vitamin Sea
  • Capt. Ronnie Scheck’s
  • East Bay Charters


You go to the store and buy a roll of string, then a package of chicken necks, Buy 1 ounce lead pyramid sinkers and attach sinker to the bottom of an 8+ foot piece of string. Tie a chicken neck above the sinker. Buy a crab net to catch the crab while he is chewing on your chicken neck. Some stores sell -crabbing- rigs complete.

Walk out onto the jetty. Find a place where you can get down on the rocks close to the water. Drop the string in the water and WAIT. When the crab bites, you’ll feel it. Pull the string up slowly, have the net ready, and bingo, you have caught a crab. If you catch a lot of crabs, and you want to eat them, we have provided directions on how to clean them.

Take the center road of Singing Sands North. Crabbing on the Intracoastal there. Take the left fork and crab along that canal there. To go crabbing in Texas, you have to have a fishing license and a salt water stamp.

P.S. Be sure you have a bucket to put the crabs in!