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Bolivar Peninsula

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Important Numbers


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A1 Wrecker Service

(unlock, jump start, stuck etc)

Coast Guard Air & Rescue 409-766-5630
Galveston Co Sheriff’s Dept. (non-emergency) 409-766-2300
Ferry Service (Dept of Transportation) 409-795-2230
Bolivar Peninsula Justice of the Peace 409-765-2980
UTMB Hospital (Galveston) 409-772-2222
Winnie Hospital 409-296-6000
Crystal Beach Clinic 409-684-1185
Poison Control 800-222-1222
Runaway Hotline TX 800-989-6884
Sea Turtle Network 866-887-8535
Mosquito Control 800-842-5622
Dolphin Rescue 800-962-6625
Injured Wildlife 713-861-9453
Entergy (Electric) 800-368-3749
BPSUD (Water) 409-684-3515
Peninsula Residential Services (Trash pick-up) 409-684-1925

For more information about the Bolivar Peninsula contact:

Bolivar Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1170
Crystal Beach, Texas 77650
Tel: 409-684-5940 or 1-800-386-7863

Website: http://www.crystalbeach.com/chamber.htm